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Creating a decking area in your garden is a great way to improve the look and functionality of your outside space.


Imagine having an area to sit in the warm weather, a platform for your garden furniture and children to play.

Boydells TImber Merchant can provide high quality wood for a multitude of purposes within your garden.  Whether you are building some garden furniture or a home for the new family pet, we can supply you with wood at a great price.

Wood is a fantastic material for use within a garden setting.  Providing beautiful, solid structures yet blending into the natural habit.  See below for some ideas of uses of wood in your garden.

Gardens & decking

High quality wood for your garden

Create a decking area in your garden.  Call us today on

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Creating a decking area

• Garden decking

• Garden furniture

• Dog kennels

• Rabbit & guinea pig hutches

• Garden sheds

• Playhouses & treehouses

• Timber for trellis panels


Ideas for uses of wood in the garden